Tuesday, May 16, 2017

A Brand New Officetel. Competitive price. 2 Bed/1 Bath, 5 minutes walk from 민락 or 수영 subway station

Please first read the post of how to buy a house on a mortgage by clicking the link below.

A brand new officetel with a very competitive price and fully furnished with modern appliances(see the details in the table and pictures below), well located in GwangAn-dong where lots of Expats are living. It is a great place to live and invest!! If you live in a small studio, your monthly rent would be more or less the same as the repayment amount for this officetel. Why not living in a way better place with the same monthly payment and at the same time, you can expect your asset value appreciation that has always been a lot higher and faster than our salary.

Signing contract is on going now as a first come first served basis. They opened 4 days ago and more than 70%( around 70 units out of 91 units) have already been sold out. The building is expected to be completed by early Oct this year when you can move in.


If you are interested in this house, please contact me at yalooho@gmail.com or
Mobile 010-4053-3582


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